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Certified Canine Drug and Weapons Detection Teams

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About the company

The mission of Top Dog Security, Inc. is to provide employers with a means of identifying and eliminating the presence of any amount of narcotics from being transported or brought into the work place.

Top Dog's canines are trained to detect the smallest quantities of marijuana, hashish, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and heroin. The instructors, Lt. Mark Weber, formerly the supervising trainer of the Union County Sheriff's Department Police K-9 Unit, and Jeff Smith, a certified master instructor, have 40-plus years of combined experience in the canine field. They produce a canine that is socially adapted and professionally operational. Our dogs are trained to operate in almost any environment, including:Dog searching package (23125 bytes)

Motor vehicles
Corporate and industrial environments
Educational settings
Residential neighborhoods

Top Dog employs prior military and law enforcement canine handlers with extensive experience in the detection of controlled dangerous substances.

Top Dog offers confidentiality. We understand that unscrupulous individuals knowingly use legitimate businesses to transport narcotics.

Prior to our service, the only way to identify this problem was to suffer the consequences of law enforcement agencies.


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Any business that knowingly or unknowingly transports or attempts to transport narcotics within the United States may be subject to lengthy searches by law enforcement officials. This could result in costly delays and detainment or seizure of company property. Employees who use or bring illicit narcotics into the work place pose a threat to the safety and productivity of the company. Now they can be identified and placed in an appropriate treatment program, resulting in a safer, healthier work place.

Top Dog operates overtly to drive home your company's commitment to keeping illegal drugs out of the work place. We work covertly in conjunction with representatives from your company to identify illicit narcotics, saving precious time and resources. Top Dog is committed to providing your company with the tools to accomplish the job. we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to travel nationally or internationally. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is bound by a confidentially order and fully understands the need for discreet service for your company.


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All of Top Dog's canines are certified under the same guidelines that govern New Jersey   Police dogs. Our detection canines are trained to aggressively respond to the presence and/or residue of narcotics, but they are not cross-trained to bite. 

Top Dog canines pose no danger to any employees. Their health and dispositions are constantly evaluated by our Veterinarian and trainers.

The canine team will be escorted only to the areas where your company  desires the search to be completed. The Handler will mark the areas the canine has pinpointed, and your representative can make arrangements to open the contents after the search is complete.

Is it legal?

Top Dog is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. Your company will be given a report to aid in any further investigation. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your company has done all it could do to adhere to the zero tolerance drug policy.


Why should you use Top Dog

Vehicle search (57975 bytes)Discouraging drug use depends on a committed anti-drug message consistently and fairly delivered to all of your employees and business contacts.

Seventy-one percent of currently illicit drug users age eighteen and older are employed. Drug users decrease work place productivity, but the work place is one of the venues where expanded drug-testing, prevention, education, and treatment programs can reach most drug users, and where the consequences of drug use can be felt directly. [Taken from President Clinton's address "War on Drugs" Strategic Goals and Objectives Outline]

Top Dog Security Inc. in conjunction with your existing drug prevention program will greatly enhance your company's ability to remain one step ahead of the competition and to protect your greatest asset, the safety and well-being of your employees.


Contact Information

1-888-4 Drug Dogs
Postal address
P. O. Box 1706, Rahway, NJ 07065-7706
Electronic mail
General Information and Sales: topdog@digivex.com
About the company Is it legal?
Does my company need it? Why should you use Top Dog
Is it safe? Contact Information

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